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Todd Huckabee's Signature Series Rods lets you... "FEEL THE THUMP".

Todd Huckabee Rods are designed primarily for vertical jigging and pulling crank baits. Each rod is designed to transfer the "thump" sensation all the way through the cork handle. You'll feel bites like never before!


  • 10’7” Medium-Heavy-Medium
  • Micro guides for superior thump detection
  • Made for slow trolling and vertical jigging
  • An awesome jigging rod with great backbone
  • For use with baitcasting reel


  • 10’ Medium Action
  • Tennessee-style Handle
  • Designed for use with a spinning reel
  • Best with light jigs or minnows


  • 10’ Medium-Heavy Action
  • Great vertical jigging rod with superior backbone
  • Pull big Crappie out of heavy cover or dipping trees/brush
  • For use with baitcasting or spinning reel


  • 11’ Medium Action
  • An awesome vertical jigging rod and pulling crankbaits
  • Great backbone
  • For use with baitcasting or spinning reel


  • Action: Medium
  • Length: 12’
  • Vertical jigging rod
  • Reel: Baitcasting or Spinning
  • Reel Seat: Fixed

Dingo Rod

  • THS7M
  • Line weight: 4-12 lb
  • Lure size: 1/64 – 1/4 oz
  • Action: Medium
Paul Simon
I'm very happy with your rods. I have an excellent results from your products and I'm 100% happy. Best wishes from Oklahoma!
Andrew Smith
Todd Huckabee Signature Series rods feature IM-6 graphite blanks for exceptional sensitivity, ultra-light tips for light baits, super backbone, Grade A select cork handles, graphite composite reel seats, guides made of lightweight alloy frame with aluminum oxide inserts and enough rod length to reach out to the big slabs.
Mark Welch
This is by far the best and most sensitive rod I’ve ever crappie fished with. I have been only bass fishing for the past 30+ years but after attending a Crappie University seminar earlier this year ( Thanks Barry Morrow) I started really trying to figure those crappie out. Using a couple of 10ft jigging poles I had for several years I put down the bass gear and focused only on crappie for several months and thought I was doing pretty well for a newbie. Things changed after trying this Dipping Rod though ( Thanks Ken Roberson). The difference in the sensitivity and pure power to turn those fish and get them out of the thick brush I had been catching them in was incredible. My hookup and catch ratio went up to nearly 100% and made my other jigging poles seem like I had been using a cane pole. Paired with a Pfleuger President on the Tennessee handle it’s balanced and is a pleasure to use all day. The Dipping Rod has kept my interest in fishing for those sacalait to the point that I haven’t fished for bass since I got it and now I’m beginning to think I might be turning into a ex- bass fisherman. LOL. From the guides to the handle, the fit and finish is top notch and I couldn’t be more impressed withe the rod. Great products and Great company.
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