NATIONAL CHAMPION, and LAKE FORK LEGEND, Jerry Hancock, shares some standing timber tricks!

Todd Huckabee
How Much Does Color Matter?

Stephan Scudder

Did a little video of the the new Todd Huckabee Trident what a rod get ya one they are amazing…..

Fishing with Joey Johnson

Fishing with Barry Marrow

Barry Morrow, professional crappie guide, tournament fisherman, and former Crappie Masters’ Missouri state champion demonstrates how to vertical jig fish in standing timber for crappie on Truman Lake, MO.

The Pulling Rod

The Pulling Rod is an 11′ medium action rod made for slow trolling, dipping trees and brush, and trolling crankbaits. An awesome jigging rod. For use with bait-casting or spinning reel.  With its strong backbone, boat flipping crappie weighing three or more pounds will not be a problem for this rod.

The Dipping Stick

The Dipping Stick is a 10′ medium action rod. It’s designed to use with a spinning reel and lighter crappie jigs and minnows.  It has a lighter backbone and a softer tip than our other rods.

The Meat Dragger

The Meat Dragger is a medium/heavy 10′ rod that’s best for big fish and heavy tackle with enough backbone to pull the biggest crappie out of cover. For use with bait-casting or spinning reel.  It has the stiffest backbone and tip of all rods in our line-up, This rod is super sensitive giving you a great fishing experience. Built to haul in the biggest crappie on any lake.

Tying a Loop Knot

Watch to learn how to tie a Loop Knot. Instead of using a tight knot, Huckabee recommends using a loop knot because you want that jig hanging. It allows your jig to pivot.  So if you’re fishing near the brush the jig can hit the brush and pivot up without getting caught. It’s a really simple knot to master and is one of the strongest knots you can tie.

Fishing at Lake Eufaula

Watch Todd fishing at Lake Eufaula for fun.  Learn some techniques by watching how he manages to catch crappie at his select sweet spots using his signature rods.

Live Fishing Tips

Mark McGuire shares his fishing knowledge that may help you catch more crappie.

Crappie Fishing Timber

Joey Johnson shares his fishing knowledge that may help you catch more crappie.