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From lakes in Oklahoma to professional fishing events held across the country, Todd Huckabee has been part of it all….

Fishing has always been part of Todd’s life ever since he was a young boy catching fish in Oklahoma lakes. He still does that to this day, but there is one thing that is different between Todd and other crappie fisherman, he is one of the best in the world.

Todd Huckabee is a name every crappie fisherman knows throughout the country. He is one of the most popular from his published works to videos that not only show his vertical jig fishing skills, but teaches beginners that aspire to be as good as he his. Todd operates a professional guide service primarily on Lake Eufaula and Fort Gibson in Oklahoma.

Todd enjoys teaching jig fishing almost as much as he enjoys catching fish himself.  His signature series rods enables seasoned crappie fishermen and beginners alike the chance to catch the fish of their life and to Feel the Thump like never before.

Todd and the Crappie (405) 520-8980

After a few times in the boat with me on guided trips, my clients can consistently catch more fish on their home lakes.  It’s a learning experience.

Todd Huckabee

Experience with Fishing

  • Create’s how-to-videos to help teach beginners how to properly fish and use his rods.
  • Has a personal line of rods that he sells to fisherman all over the world.
  • Competed in many professional fishing competitions. Including first-place finishes in Crappie USA and Cast Tournaments.
  • 5-time qualifier in Crappie USA and Cast Tournaments.
  • 3-time qualifier in  the Crappie Masters Classic
  • Hold’s guided-tours of fishing lakes that he uses to help fisherman better their crappie fishing skills.

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